Electrical Panel Upgrade

Provide Your Home With More Reliable Power

Provide Your Home With More Reliable Power

We're Your Source For Electrical Panel Upgrades in Hubert, NC

Your electrical panel is a central system that provides power to your entire home. If you've recently noticed burning smells or sparks near your panel, reach out to the pros from Lights On! Electric, Inc. ASAP. Our team can complete an electrical panel upgrade that will provide your home with more power and reduce your risk of injury or property damage.

Stop dealing with power outages - call 631-767-1836 now to discuss your panel upgrade with our experienced electrician in Hubert, NC.

Upgrade Your Outdated Electrical Panel

Homes built before 1960 often have old-fashioned panels with fuses. Whether your fuse box needs an update or finally died, you can benefit from an electrical panel upgrade in Hubert, NC.

A panel upgrade will let you...

  • Easily reset the breakers with the flip of a switch
  • Have more power for your high-tech electronics
  • Save money by not replacing fuses

Panel upgrades can also increase your home's value. Want to know if you need this service? Check out our Electrical Repairs page to read about the signs that you need an electrical panel upgrade.